Economists at Large are like “Economists without Borders”; a team of associate economists with a broad range of experience across economics, finance and sustainability. We specialise in environmental economics, the economics of animal welfare, tourism economics, natural resource economics and public policy analysis. Our special focus is on projects for the not-for-profit sector – community groups and non-government organisations.  We also have extensive experience working for government and private sector clients. Economists at Large has been working to promote sustainable economic outcomes for over 20 years.

Recent Updates

Recent blog and news posts.

We found $384 million to $726 million in asylum seeker policy savings the Commission of Audit missed.


The report released by the Commission of Audit (COA) last week reveals the unnecessarily high cost of asylum seeker policies in Australia. The report shows that offshore detention costs approximately $439,000 per.. read more

Making sense of uneconomic major projects: the psychology of planning


The East West Link appears to be a classic example of a major project driven by politics rather than planning.  While some of the political angles are being explored, we.. read more

Is East-West project link more about ego than economics?


In amongst the cut and thrust of a chaotic parliament that hangs by the vote of Victoria’s own “kingslayer”, former liberal Geoff Shaw, politicians of all persuasions look in need.. read more